by Kathleen Ndongmo

Yesterday, news travelled far and wide among Nigerians that Bishop David Oyedepo, pastor and entrepreneur, had officially launched an airline ‘Dominion Air’. He is already widely believed to own Covenant University, Faith Academy, farms and others.

While there is no official statement from the church or affiliated institutions to confirm this, the criticism has come fast and furious.

Let’s assume that the reports are accurate – that the Bishop, through his church or not, own this business, these are 7 things to consider below before reacting:

7- A “full time” pastor is not allowed to do business? He commits a ‘crime’ if he does? A full time politician can loot and that’s no crime?

6- Pick one: The man who loots ur treasury for his business or the man who uses ur voluntary donations for a business. Are we sentimental?

5- Tax the ‘church’ if government deems it fit. That’s an okay dynamic. For all you know, the ‘church’ will pay. Comfortably.

4- I grew up in the Catholic church. Where ‘mission’ schools, ‘mission’ hospitals etc where a benefit to the community.

3- How can a man’s only crime for starting a business be the fact that he heads a christian ministry?

2- If an atheist starts a business [like an airline] that works [for the customer] will there be an uproar? Does faith nullify?

1. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (allegedly) starts First Nation, no negative uproar. Why is there one when Oyedepo starts Dominion?

Where do you disagree or agree? Sound off below!