by Lekan Olanrewaju

This week’s edition of the YNaija Interview was with popular musician Ruggedman who shared with us his thoughts on  rap in Nigeria, the current strides he’s making in his career, and the controversies he’s been involved in over the years.

Take a peep below.

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba Permit us to start with talks that you have new songs cooking, tell us about them. #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija yes.Already recorded with @real2faceidibia @iamreminisce.#,@Djinee,@Mbryosings n workin on 1 wiv Saheed Osupa #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba Saheed Osupa you say? What inspired that?. #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija 1.the beat did. It is produced by @Ogajojo1 and once you hear it you will know a Fuji artiste is needed on it.
2. and i decided on Saheed cos he hasnt been on any hip hop track i know of n he is hot right now #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba What was Osupa’s first reaction when you invited him to jump on a track with you? #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija 1.He was ok with it.We met on d same flight 2 London last year n so it was not that difficult getting him.

2. We started already but schedules have been crazy but we will wrap it up soon.Theres already a buzz abt d track

3. Theres already a buzz abt D track cos jst dis morning a fuel station attendant asked me when it will b dropping #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba when do you intend releasing these new joints? #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija Soon,starting with d video 4 an entirely nu song ft @Mbryosingz produced by @Madblaze directed by @Adetokunbodjtee #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba With all these new songs, we assume a new album is very much around the corner, isn’t it ? #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija yes o it is and also songs from @Rugged_Recordz artistes,bt theirs is under G for now #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba Ok then, we wait for the album. Still on music making though, how will you rate your success? #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija 1. I revolutionised d music industry,parformed with great Naija n intl acts,got fame,gotten awards,made money. 2. …helped a few acts n still doing it and i am still here…i will say ” I Don Try” lol #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba Do you think it could have been better if you were making just feel good music as opposed to rap music? #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija 1. If i had started with feel good music i wouldnt have been able to revolutionise d industry. 2. i am who and what i am because of rap and thats what i was destined to do.I still do feel good music #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba So no regrets? #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija no regrets at all cos i am doing what i love #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba But over the years, music has caused you to endure strained relationships with some friends, hasn’t it? #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija yes it has but people who are not musicians also endure strained relationships so its normal #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba speaking on strained relationships, what is your current status with 9ice? #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija i am cool bt i dont read minds so i cant speak for him.We havent seen in a long time.All man dey hustle #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba Have you met with him since the controversy escalated?#YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija nope,i just narrowly missed him at the occupyNigeria rally #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba do you at any point wished you had handled the matter differently? #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija there was no other way.I asked for it 2B cleared up n got a no.Lets get off this issue,its been over flogged lol#YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba You have been involved in many controversies over the years, where do you draw strength to soar over them? #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija from God and the fact that i am a good person with a good heart #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba How have these controversies affected your career? #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija 1. they say any publicity is publicity wether good or bad lol. 2.The controversies has played their own part in keepin my name and my music in the press and on peoples lips #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: @RuggedyBaba Finally, kind sir, do you think the rap genre has been fully explored in the country? #YNaijaInterview

@RuggedyBaba: @YNaija 1. Nothing can ever be fully explored,talkless of Naija rap dats still evolving jst like it is in America. 2. we still need to get Naija rap 2D level where Fuji,Afro Beat n Juju is before we can say rap has arrived fully #YNaijaInterview

@YNaija: Thank you, again, @RuggedyBaba for joining us on YNaijaInterview