by Tony Iribor

Christians are the masters in the art of dealing with enemies. I am tempted to believe that they know this more than any set of people.

In Nigeria we are very familiar with the word “enemies”. We hear it every day, everywhere and every time. It has become a part of our daily living. Everyone has enemies, every single person. These are people who just hate you, who seek for your downfall and failure in life. Some hate you because you are more successful than they are or you occupy a higher position than they do at the office. Some do because you are more beautiful or more attractive than they are, so you get all the fine boys and girls depending on your sex and sexuality. Then there are those who hate you for no reason. (You better fear these ones the most. These ones are enemies of life). Musicians know about them. They record albums with tracks dedicated to enemies. Ask Timaya and Durella, they will explain better. When I say ‘enemies’, I do not necessarily mean spiritual beings, I am referring to human enemies. Humans just like you. People in your family, your office, your estate, your village (The village enemies are worse, so please be careful about how you behave).

A dude gets up in the bus to sell good luck charms and one major set of people he addresses are enemies. You need the charm to protect you from them. You need it so they do not see you and stop your star from shinning. They better leave you or die. What did you do to offend these people? Can’t a brother or sister live in peace again? Christians are the masters in the art of dealing with enemies. I am tempted to believe that they know this more than any set of people. Why do you think they wake up in the morning and the first thing they ask of God is to arise so that His enemies will be scattered. God doesn’t need praise; He is a God of war. After all, the bible says that from the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force. If not for enemies, why do you think violence and force will be involved? They want to take your wife, child, job, car, husband, etc. so you have to violently stop them. It is a major prayer point in churches these days. “Pray against your enemies!!!!!!!!!” the pastor screams. “Enemies from within and without, they must fall and die!!!!!! Praaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!” we know what follows after that. I need not explain further.

When things go wrong, blame it on enemies. You went for a job interview but didn’t do well, so you didn’t get the job. It is not your fault, blame it on enemies. They do not want you to get a job. You are not married yet or you are and have no kids yet, blame it on the enemies. It may be your mother in the village or that aunty who hardly smiles at you when you greet her. They might just be the reason why. You decided to drive yourself home from the club despite being seriously drunk and almost wasted. An accident happens but you escaped with your life. Do not hesitate to blame the enemies. Our God who answers by fire will soon roast them.

The effect of enemies is wide spread. They are in government and leadership too, especially in Nigeria. They are the reason for boko haram, bad roads, poor health care and education. Enemies? Wicked people, very wicked people. They are the reason for fuel scarcity and corruption. Mr. President would have done better if not for his many enemies. They do not want his success that is why he cannot take certain decisions. They make him forget that he is the president, commander-in-chief of the armed forces.They are the reason for crazy allocations in the budget, allocation for things that can never be understood. They are our major problem in this country, we must therefore pray against them so that Nigeria can move forward. Do not mind those who give you reasons to believe otherwise. If evil spirits also known as enemies can affect stable supply of power in Nigeria, who are you oh mortal man not to be affected by enemies? Realize that while you think Mr. A is your enemy; also remember that there is a certain Mr. C who sees you also as an enemy. So who is the real enemy?


Iribor Anthony is a singer, songwriter and an upcoming musician. Working on radio is also one of his many dreams.  He is based in Lagos.


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