by Rachel Ogbu

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has approved President Goodluck Jonathan’s comments on the issue of Boko Haram and power supply during an interview with Cable News Network, CNN on Wednesday January 22.

Although President Jonathan came under fire and accused of losing touch with reality after the interview with CNN’s Christian Amanpour, the party said the President was absolutely right when he declared that the Boko Haram phenomenon was not a product of misrule or poverty but a local terror group.

In a statement, PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh said on Friday, January 25, that the party also agreed with the President that there had been tremendous improvement in power supply in the country under the current dispensation.

Metuh argued that poverty was not a recent phenomenon in the country and could not form the basis of the sudden wave of criminal attacks on innocent people, most of who live within the poverty bracket

The statement reads: “The President is right and we fully align with him on his position that Boko Haram is not a product of poverty or misrule as some people are suggesting. We agree with him that it is a local terror group.

“There have been successive regimes before this administration but this insurgency increased the same way terrorist activities are escalating in other parts of the world at this time.

“So, it is clear that some people are out to perpetrate acts of terrorism in Nigeria to create a semblance of insecurity, as it obtains in other troubled spots of the world.”