by Rachel Ogbu

Just in case you arrived the planet yesterday, same sex marriage is a union between two persons of the same biological sex or gender identity. As of today, gay marriage is illegal over 70 countries.

Our #IssueOfTheWeek tackles that and accompanying issues with #TheGayDebate hashtag and we are kicking off with Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) who, this week, made a few arguments against gay relationships.

According to Adeboye, here are 10 reasons why same-sex marriage must be prohibited:

1. Adeboye condemned the legal backing for same-sex marriage in some countries, describing it as evil.

2. He said it was capable of wiping out human race in 20 years .

3. Same sex marriage was an abomination to God’s will and instruction. “The will of God for human being is to be fruitful, replenish and multiply on earth,” he said.

4. If this evil is allowed to stay, there will not be new born babies again in the world. “As the older generation dies, would there be new generation to succeed them? Even plants and animals have a new generation to succeed them,” he said.

5. It is an absurd practice.

6. The will of God for human beings is to be fruitful, replenish and multiply on earth, and anything contrary to that is devilish.

7. How can a man who marries a fellow-man produce a child? And how can a woman who marries a woman produce a child?

8. Darkness is bad, it is evil. It produces poverty, hatred, sorrow, bareness and loneliness.”

9. God frowns at same-sex marriage and people practising same-sex marriage to desist and flee from the wrath of God.

10. Sin would hinder the growth of a country.