by Lekan Olanrewaju

If you’re the type who has your ears to the ground on the cyberspace, or if you’ve simply not been hiding under a rock somewhere, you’ll more than likely be well aware of the “back and forth” that’s been going on between actress Susan Peters and blogger Linda Ikeji. It all started with this post on the Linda Ikeji Blog about the popular actress showing off a new phone. The post attracted several negative comments both on the blog and on twitter, which led to the actress going on a “twitter rant”  where she, among other things stated that the blogger “can only remain with her stupid blog” and “that’s why they call her failed human being”. Linda Ikeji then sent her a private apology for the negative comments, which the actress decided to make public. The blogger, however, explained that the apology was only meant to make her feel better, and not meant as an insult to her readers. Perhaps this didn’t sit too well with the actress as after all the warring and drama, Susan has decided to share a bit of how it all makes her feel.


“And when I get into my house, I would sleep it off.”

That was the first thought that crossed my mind when I looked through Linda Ikeji’s blog a while back. It seemed everyone has had their fair share of loathing on the site, and it has now become a tradition for all to hide their tails between their thighs while venom spits from that source.

I had a few aspirations at the beginning of the year. Like everyone else, it was my ambition to push my brand, get engrossed in work and pray that my efforts make good. Hard work, they say, has its rewards. I was willing to give the year a good push and see just how much of it I can claim. So it hurts deeply when there’s a clear intention from someone who tries to mock or make little your efforts of becoming whatever it is you set for yourself.

As a child, flipping books, watching TV and eavesdropping on adult conversation, my aim has been clear – to become an actress. In an industry without firm structures, it is solely your responsibility to build your brand. I have admired Nollywood for years, so to be given the opportunity to live my dream was the biggest achievement for me. But it doesn’t stop there- you have to continuously get better, and apart from that find other avenues that make an interesting addition to your talent. Fashion is one and I am enjoying all the colours and makeup, fabrics and shoes that I have strutted in lately. It is a deliberate move and I am loving it all. I’m just a girl with little fancies and a dream. So why anyone would want to be a dream killer is beyond me.

I think that was what really got me upset. I have never been represented on that blog, when all the work to grow a brand started, no support of any kind. And to think that she’d take interest in a simple picture where I had a Porsche phone and make a mess of it, is something that is taking me too long to understand.

The comments never ended. From one malicious statement to the other, it poured in and not at any time did she (Linda) consider to delete some of them, after all the blog is moderated. It goes to show the human ability to hate or just be indifferent to others pain. It is just a phone, she had a right to post it (as a blogger) but to allow such negative, hateful comments which I suspect is a machination that stemmed from her camp is worrisome.

In a few days, all of this will pass but the sad part is someone else will be a victim. It never ends and people are dragged to abattoirs and slaughtered.

I reacted on 0twitter when her ‘people’ wouldn’t let it be. I was being mentioned in every single conversation – they mocked, they laughed and had a filled day. I reacted. Her apology came, but it came a little too late. And after that she still made a public display of her ‘humility’ by posting it all over again on her site.

Now, it wouldn’t hurt if it was just Linda, but it is not. She deliberately twists the truth to suit her purpose and allow the bashing to progress. People who don’t know you cannot say such hurtful things with such venom. It makes no sense. Her second post scored over 800 comments, so it may go down her records that the highest comments she ever received was from a Susan Peters’ post. Whatever it is able to fetch her, I hope it fetches her some discretion.

As we are all living our lives, channelling our energy towards positive things, it is a total distraction to get drawn into mindless wars.

I guess at some point I would look back and laugh over it, but now it just makes no sense. What is the joy of bringing another down?

You can almost see karma catching up with her soon. What goes around always finds its way back. If you have followed the series thus far, I’m sure you have your opinion about it all. But I would say this: I love my fans and at no time did I think any of this was coming from them.

It’s amazing how you stay on the grind working on your brand just for someone to bring out a needle to burst your bubble.

Fortunately, this is not a balloon; what I am building is made of steel.

Have a trouble free life.


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