by Hauwa Gambo

So, the way you’ve heard it told on our famously ‘follow-follow’ social media space, Dbanj’s 2012 Koko Concert, held on Thursday, December 27 was a huge flop, right? And he has done the wise thing and apologised. Well, apart from the fact that yes indeed he needs to get a full refund from Idris “I-am-not-even-a-real-star-yet” Elba, I have seven reasons why you might want to think again…

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1. Did you see the crowds?!?!?No seriously. This fact is obscured by all the giddily negative chatter, but what people forget is that thousands of Nigerians stood up to support a man, D’banj, who many claimed had lost his touch with Nigerians. Oh no, he hasn’t. Nigerians showed the young man one fact on Friday – and that is the fact that he’s got much love. Now it’s up to him to keep the fire burning or to lose his magic.

2. Eko Atlantic as a concert venue was a bold decision, and he gets props for blazing a trail I am almost certain many will soon follow. D’banj has always been a big – huge – risk-taker. No matter what anyone says about the venue (you can’t blame him please – it’s not as if he hid the venue,  it was on the promos for the show), after the trek was done, it was an excellent choice for a concert. Now, private developer of Eko Atlantic City, can you please do your work?

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3. If you had any doubts that D’banj is now truely an international star – well, there he was pulling around town in an Aston Martin – with Big Sean. This wasn’t a Nigerian act being called upon to perform at a random concert with foreign acts – this was a Nigerian superstar, on his own, able to get international acts to pall around with him at his own concert, as his own friends, on his own terms.

4. Now those who know, know that the managing director of GTBank loves D’banj like his own son. But still, the man’s sitting down there in the crowd singing along to D’banj’s legendarily inane beats, alongside other corporate executives in finance, oil and gas, and everything else. D’banj has built an attractive brand that appeals to all segments of society. This concert proved that.

5. Sadly, this fact was lost again – but this is the first time a concert in Nigeria has been live-streamed with the quality witnessed via Ndani. Clear and uninterrupted broadcast where the audience on television felt as close to the action as the people who sat down in the crowd. It was another first – and Daniel Andersondid it first

6. Let’s take a minute and pause on what the fact that D’banj trended on Twitter like a multiple orgasm means… Yeah, at least by sheer talkability, I am sure we are all reminded that Dapo Oyebanjo is officially Nigeria’s most important artiste, at this time, as I write.

7. No Psquare, no Wizkid (not on stage at least), no Mavin, no Asa, no packing the entire Nigerian entertainment industry into one venue like Rhythm Unplugged; and for good measure no Chris Brown, and yet in terms of everything there is – performances, crowds, media, social network buzz, celebrity attendance, high profile – thus was by  the far the biggest concert Nigerian has seen this year, and it was by a Nigerian below the age of 30.

Well done, D’banj, well done.

Oh, by the way, the people will be back next year. You can take that to GTBank.