by Idoreyin Sampson

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Our editors at YNaija get all kinds of SOS emails but we’ve never published any until now.

We got the message below from a distressed woman and it sure blew our minds. Read it and tell us what you think.

Please I need help!!!

A year ago, after a found a sex tape of my husband and a girl on his phone, he beat me black and blue. This led to my sister sending him a message which read, ‘So because of your womanizing ways, you want to kill the only sister I have. The only reason you haven’t heard from me is because of my mum. That same woman you love to insult.’

My sisters, I was on the hospital bed (where his beating landed me) when he came in, showed me the text message from my sister, forwarded it to my phone and then deleted my sister from his BB. He also said she insulted him, and that she shouldn’t invite him for her events, and he banned her from visiting our home.

To cut a long story short, my sister is about to wed. In fact, she just had her registry wedding. Her traditional wedding is this Saturday and her church wedding is next Saturday.

My husband has ordered me not to go for my sister’s wedding events. I don’t know what to do. I have cried, begged him and he won’t budge. My sister has called him on the matter, he’s still adamant. Even his mum and sister have called him to intercede and still says I shouldn’t go.

I am so embittered right now, because I never thought I would miss my only sister’s wedding. What should I do?

We are lost for words.